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The Moline Public Library has materials and services available for all needs, tastes, and ages. Click on a link below to explore more:





Circulating Books

  • Books that are available for checkout
  • These are divided into Adult, Young Adult and Children's collections

Adult Collection

  • Fiction - Arranged alphabetically by last name of author
  • Non-Fiction - Arranged by subject using the Dewey Decimal system
  • Large Print - Both fiction and non-fiction large print books are available for checkout. They are shelved in a special section at each library. Call numbers are preceded by "LT"

Young Adult Collection

  • Serves middle school through high school age young people
  • Non-fiction titles are arranged by subject using the Dewey Decimal system
  • All young adult titles are shelved in the young adult area of the library
  • Fiction books are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the author
  • All young adult books have a call number preceded by a "YA"

Children's Collection

  • Non-fiction titles are arranged by subject using the Dewey Decimal system
  • Fiction books are divided into picture books for preschoolers, easy readers for primary grades and fiction for intermediate grades through middle school. All fiction books are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the author
  • Parent Teacher Shelf - section of books that contains materials of particular interest to parents and teachers. Call numbers are preceded by "PT"

Non Circulating Reference Books

  • Reference books are used to provide information for customers in the library
  • There are adult and children's reference collections
  • Reference books are shelved in a separate area of the library and the call number is preceded by an "R"
  • Reference books are arranged by subject using the Dewey Decimal system




Books-on-tape and Books-on-CD

  • We have a large selection of books-on-tape and books-on-cd fiction and non-fiction titles. Fiction titles are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the author. Non-fiction titles are arranged by subject using the Dewey Decimal system.
  • We also have a selection of Book/Cassette combinations that contain stories for preschool and school age children. Listeners are encouraged to follow along in a book as the cassette is played.

Music CDs

  • We have a small CD collection of various types of music including: Ballet, Big Band, Blues, Classical, Contemporary Christian, Country, Easy Listening, Folk, Musicals, New Age, Opera, Rock, Rap, Soundtracks, Symphony, World Music and more
Videocassettes & DVDs


  • We have a large selection of entertainment and educational videos available for checkout at both libraries.
  • Videocassettes are divided into adult and children's collections. The educational videos are arranged by subject using the Dewey Decimal System. The entertainment videos are arranged alphabetically by the title of the video.


  • We have a collection of DVDs available for checkout. DVDs allow for subtitle language choice, "instant" rewinding or fast forwarding, parental lock and special effects playback (freeze, step, slow, fast and scan).
  • We have a collection of CD-ROM titles that are available for checkout for use on your home computer. In addition to perennial favorites, such as CD-ROM encyclopedias, some of our other titles include American Girl's Premiere, Blue's Birthday Adventure, Franklin's Activity Center, Fun on the Farm with Barney, 150 years of America's Smithsonian, and Warwick Encyclopedia of Hockey. The CD-ROM collection is arranged by subject using the Dewey Decimal System.
Magazines & Newspapers
  • Moline Public Library subscribes to a myriad of magazines and newspapers. Readers may find periodicals on computers, crafts, hobbies, sports, news, decorating, current events, travel, science, automotive, religion, education, psychology, health, and many other topics. Hundreds of titles are also available online which provide access to full-text articles.
English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • There's a new choice for patrons seeking ESL study materials. A small collection of new materials, including books and audiocassettes, is now available at Moline Public Library. Thanks to the Illinois State Library Adult New Reader Materials Grant that we received, we were able to purchase additional ESL materials for our collection. The collection contains many types of resources (picture dictionaries, idioms, pronunciation and reading guides) to assist students, adults and beginning readers of English.
Foreign Language
  • Can you read Spanish? Did you know that the Downtown Library has a large collection of books and magazines in Spanish? Our patrons can read Spanish editions of works by Danielle Steel, Tom Clancy or Stephen King. The collection also includes many Hispanic authors such as Isabel Allende, Jose Luis Borges and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Non-fiction subjects include cooking, computers, automotive repair, gardening, the sciences, interior decoration and health. The children's collection includes well known authors such as R.L. Stine, Beatrix Potter and Beverly Cleary, as well as a wide range of non-fiction titles.
  • The Moline Public Library has three microfilm and microfiche readers available for public use. The cost to print materials is $.25 per page. Materials available on Microfilm include: Rock Island County Census records to 1920 and Moline Newspapers.
Bestseller's Club
  • This club allows you to automatically be placed on a reserve list for some of our most popular authors. The Bestsellers Club is currently available only for new, hardcover fiction books. As your reading tastes change, your selected authors may be changed at any time. As member of our Bestsellers Club, you no longer need to stop in or call the library when your favorite author releases a new book. Click here to join the Bestsellers Club.
Friends Sale Room
  • The Friends of Moline Public Library sponsor an ongoing book sale which includes items being withdrawn from the Library's collections as well as books donated by members of the community. Proceeds from the sale help the Friends fund their many projects, such as programs for children and adults, and new books and videos for the collection. Magazines sell for 10 cents. Books sell for 10 or 25 cents each. Audio books and CDs may also be for sale, depending on current stock.
  • Magazine and book donations are welcome. We prefer magazines no more than two years old. In the case of large numbers of book donations, please call the Circulation Desk at (309) 524-2450 to arrange a time for assistance with dropoff. To view our full donation policy please click here.
Library Tours & Classes
Library Tours
  • Moline Public Library offers customized tours to groups such as daycares, scout troops, clubs, classes, ets. Tours may include how to use the online catalog, where types of materials are located, how to find information, types of services offered by the library, how to get a library card, etc. To schedule a tour, you may contact Christina Conklin (Children's Services Coordinator). Some library staff are also available to speak to local organizations.
Fax & Photocopiers


The Moline Public Library is happy to offer self service faxing. The self service fax machine accepts all major credit cards. Use of the machine without a credit card may be done through the use of a pre-paid FaxCash Card. Pricing is as follows:


Fax Charges -

Credit Card Domestic Faxes: Sending: $1.50 for first page. $1.00 per additional page
Credit Card International Faxes :

Sending: $4.95 for the first page and $3.45 per page thereafter

Receipt of incoming Faxes: Free


Black and white photocopiers are available for public use at both libraries. Cost - $.25 per page.

Homebound Delivery Service

Homebound Delivery Service

Moline Public Library cardholders who love to read and have difficulty visiting the Library due to a temporary or permanent disability can take advantage of our Homebound Delivery Service. Books are selected based on your reading interests and requests are delivered to your home on a monthly basis, typically on the second Tuesday of the month. For further information, call (309) 524-2470.

To apply for Homebound Delivery Service, please complete the Homebound Delivery Service application in your choice of format:

Internet & Word Processors
Internet access is available at both libraries. Patrons can register to use an Internet terminal for up to 1 hour per day. Registration may be done by phone or in person. Patrons can print information available from the Internet at a cost of $.25 per page for b/w copies and $.50 per page for color copies. The Moline Public Library also offers free WiFi Internet access for laptops users throughout the library. Printing is available to wireless users at the above mentioned prices.
Word Processors
The Moline Public Library offers word processing computers that are available for public use. Patrons can register to use a word processing terminal for up to 2 hours per day. Appointments will be held for 10 minutes past the scheduled starting time. The library then reserves the right to permit another patron to use that time. Patrons may use the word processing terminals for a longer period of time only if no one else registers to use it. Registration may be done by phone or in person. Patrons can print information from the word processing terminals at a cost of $.25 per page for b/w copies and $.50 per page for color. Patrons are encouraged to bring in their own storage media to save their information. Flash drives disks are available for sale at the circulation desk for $8.00 each
Meeting Rooms
In an effort to enable the Moline Public Library to present programs of value to the community, we are proud to offered meeting spaces in various sizes and accomodations. Public meeting rooms are available for use by non-profit organizations engaged in educational cultural, intellectual, and charitable activities. Public meeting rooms are not available for use for private parties, social events, business activities, or sales promotions.

Meeting Rooms are available for use beginning at 7:00 a.m. (9:00 on Saturday, noon on Sunday) and ending 30 minutes before the library closes. To view the full meeting room policy, click here. To complete a meeting room application, click here.

Reserve Requests & Interlibrary Loan
Reserve Requests
If an item is owned by the Moline Public Library and not on the shelf, we can place a reserve for you.. Reserve requests may be placed in person, by phone, fax, or email. Materials may also be placed on reserve from the online public access catalogs at each library. You will be notified when the materials are available.
Interlibrary Loan Requests
If an item is not owned by the Moline Public Library, but is owned by another PALS library, we can borrow the item via interlibrary loan. The turnaround time for these items, if available, is about seven (7) days. If an item is not owned by the Moline Public Library or by any of the other PALS Libraries, we can request an interlibrary loan via WorldCat/FirstSearch. There is a $1.00 charge for this service for Moline Public Library cardholders.
Tax Forms & Publications
The Library provides free federal and state tax forms each year from January through the April 15th filing deadline. We carry most common forms and instructions, and also have books provided by the Internal Revenue Service and Illinois Department of Revenue which include many other forms that can be photocopied and submitted with your return. Please note that the Library does not receive any forms until January of each year. Many state and federal tax forms are also available on the Internet from the web sites listed below. During the rest of the year the Reference Department always keeps several years of forms and publications which can be photocopied
Please be aware that Library staff are not trained to provide tax advice, but we will be happy to refer you to volunteer programs in the area that can help you with your tax return
For more tax information, tax forms, and publications check out the following web sites:

For federal tax information: Internal Revenue Service

For state tax information: Illinois Department of Revenue

Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf, or TDDs provide telephone access to people with hearing impairments or complete hearing loss, as well as those with speech impairments. They allow phone-in reference service for patrons who would not be able to access these services otherwise. A TDD is provided near the reference desk. Moline Public Library patrons using a home TDD can call the Library (309-762-0609) to obtain reference service.
Voter Registration & Notary Service
Voter Registration

Rock Island County residents may register to vote in local, state & federal elections at the Moline Public Library. Registration closes 28 days before the election and 2 days after the election. In order to register to vote you must:

  • Be 18 years old on or before the date of the election
  • Show two (2) forms of identification, one (1) indicating your permanent address
  • Be a resident at the address at least 28 days before any election.
Notary Service

Moline Public Library provides free notary service during most hours of operation. Please call ahead to inquire whether a notary will be available. Please follow the basic rules for proper and safe notarization:

  • Please do not sign the document to be notarized ahead of time. It must be signed in the presence of a notary. If more than one person is to sign, all must be present and have appropriate identification
  • Please bring picture identification with you
It is important to remember that a notary only verifies the signer's identity and that the signature was made willingly. A notary does not legalize a document, prove a document to be true, or provide any legal assistance.


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