Friends Foundation

Friends of the Moline Public Library LogoSince 1990 the Friends of the Moline Public Library have helped your Library bring quality service to you and everyone in the community. 

We want to keep helping, but we need help from other Friends. In fact, we need you – your support, talent, energy, and your ideas.

Money Provided by Friends Foundation

As a Friend you can be proud to know you have enriched someone else’s life. We have already provided over $200,000 to the Library and have so much more we can do.

Friends Accomplishments

In addition to the magazine and book sales to patrons, the Friends have provided many grants to the Library that have made a difference for the library patrons directly or made an improvement of the efficiency in the library staff.

Since 1990 Friends of the Moline Public Library have given close to $300,000 to the library and are committed to providing $45,000 for library programs, publicity, and materials in 2018.

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