Meeting Rooms


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The Moline Public Library makes its meeting rooms available as "designated and limited public forums" for meetings and programs conducted by outside individuals and organizations on the subjects of educational, cultural, civic, or governmental activities. The Library reserves the right to decline requests to use its meeting rooms that do not align with this policy. 

Public meeting rooms are not available for use for:

  • Commercial purposes, donation, solicitation, or fundraising
  • Political events including, but not limited to, political rallies, fundraisers, electioneering events including, but not limited to, supporting or opposing a candidate or candidates for office, a ballot issue, position, or a question of public policy
  • Religious worship services or proselytizing
  • Meetings or events of a primarily commercial nature, including, but not limited to the sale, advertising, solicitation or promotion of products or services
  • Gambling or other illegal activities
  • Programs or purposes prohibited by or inconsistent with this policy

Reservation Fees

Nonprofit Hourly RateBusiness Hourly Rate
Platinum Room$10.00$40.00
Gold Room$10.00$40.00
Silver Room$10.00$40.00
Bronze Room$10.00$40.00
Gold/Silver Room$20.00$80.00
Silver/Bronze Room$20.00$80.00
Gold/Silver/Bronze Room$30.00$120.00
Piano $25 per use$25 per use

More Information

Find information on the Meeting Room Policy.


If you have questions about our meeting rooms, please contact the circulation desk or call the Library at 309-524-2450.