Overdue Material


Charges for overdue material are as follows:

  • Books, audiobooks, magazines, CDs, and educational DVDs- $.25 per day
  • Entertainment/feature film DVDs, video games - $1 per day
  • Zoo and museum passes, hot spots - $5 per day

Delinquent Patrons

Patrons are considered delinquent when they have $5 or more in fines or have 5 items overdue for 1 day. Such patrons are denied checkout and computer use privileges until the delinquency is cleared, brought below the $5 fine threshold, or have less than 5 items overdue.

The Library will send a courtesy overdue notice when materials have not been returned within 7 days after their due date. At 44 days overdue, a bill notice is issued.

Collection Agencies

The Moline Library is obligated to attempt the recovery of all outstanding debt and/or library materials. To that end, borrowers with fines or fees of $25 or more are subject to contact from a collection agency. A non-negotiable $10 collection fee will be applied to the account of any borrower who is referred to collections.