Fine Free

fine free (Facebook Post (Landscape))Starting July 5, 2023, the Moline Public Library is eliminating late fines on most overdue materials.  

How Does This Work?

  • Moline Public Library cardholders will have all late fines from items checked out at Moline before July 1 forgiven from their accounts. This excludes bills for lost or damaged items and collection fees.
  • All items checked out will continue to have due dates. Patrons are expected to return items on time, out of respect for other users.
  • Any library cardholder that checks out at Moline Public Library will not be charged late fines on most items, except for passes to local attractions ($5 per day), mobile hotspots ($5 per day), and interlibrary loans ($1 per day).
  • Notices will be issued for overdue items at 7 days late (1st notice) and 14 days late (2nd notice). 
  • Once items are 21 days overdue, cardholders will be billed for replacement costs. These bills may be removed if the overdue items are returned in good condition.
  • The Library will continue to charge replacement costs and processing fees for items that are lost or damaged. Accounts with long overdue items will still be submitted to a collection agency.
  • When visiting other libraries, Moline Public Library cardholders are subject to that lender's rules and fees.
  • Refunds cannot be issued for fines paid prior to July 5, 2023.

Why Go Fine Free?

COMMITMENT – We are dedicated to making the Library as accessible as possible for all in our community.

EQUITY – Fine Free eliminates barriers to library materials that can disproportionately affect lower-income households.

RETENTION – Elimination of late fines increases likelihood that materials will be returned for continued use.

INCLUSION – Patrons should feel a sense of welcoming and belonging when using the Library, not stress or anxiety over late fines.

CONSISTENCY – Downloadable and streaming e-resources check out fine free, most of our other items should too.

How Does This Affect the Library's Budget?

In 2022, service fees from fines accounted for only .77% of revenues. The Moline Public Library believes removing late fines benefits our community far more than any potential impact on the library budget.