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Book Club Form

  1. Featured Community Book Club

    Form for local book clubs to fill out in order to be featured on Moline Public Library's Book Club web page. Get the word out and... More…

Contact Webmaster

  1. Contact Webmaster

    Comment form for webmaster

Fine Art Fair

  1. Moline Public Library Fine Art Fair

    Sunday, June 9, 2019 Welcome! If you would like to be an artist in our event, please fill in your details in the form below and you... More…

Friends Foundation

  1. Friends Volunteer Application - Sale Room and Sorting Room

    Application for volunteer service for Friends of the Moline Public Library Foundation Sale Room and Sorting Room

Intranet Forms

  1. I Bent a Rule

    Today I bent a rule (or wanted to) for the sake of providing good customer service.

  1. Moline Public Library Incident Reporting Form

MPL Book Happenings e-Newsletter

  1. MPL Book Happenings e-Newsletter Sign-Up

    Sign up for our newest e-newsletter to get highlighted new releases, featured recommendations, and more book news right in your inbox... More…